Boards & More is the world’s leading company for windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding equipment. In 2012, we enlarged our product range with mountain biking. Boards & More was founded in 2000 to design & deliver products under our brands Fanatic, ION and Duotone. Brands, which as single brands, have been active for up to 40 years.

We support both pros and enthusiasts in fulfilling their dreams and their desires on the water, on the slopes and in the air. Limits are defined only by an individual’s skills and passion. We provide you with the gear to find – and exceed – your own limits.

All products are developed, tested and then only brought to the market if approved by our internal teams and external pro-riders. Based on a deep understanding of your and our other key stakeholders’ needs, Boards & More works continuously on being a real and reliable partner.

In 1968, American aviation engineer Jim Drake realized his idea of “riding a wind-operated surfboard.” It started as an experiment and today forms the core business of the Boards & More Group. Fanatic made Boards & More world leader in the windsurfing market. As from August 2018, the windsurfing rig division of Boards & More has been developing and distributing all windsurfing products under the new brand DUOTONE.

The modern sport of SUP has its origin in Hawaiian surfers who had to paddle out to the outside reefs. Over the past years, SUP has developed into a leisure and family sport. Fanatic made Boards & More a key player in Stand Up Paddle surfing and in distance Stand Up Paddling, the two main segments of this sport.

Boards & More’s combination of high quality products wrapped in a progressive style and design has found fans all over the world. We love mountain biking as much as we love being on the water, so with ION we approach our land-side slopes as passionately as we do the ramps on the ocean.

Kiteboarding is an exhilarating and very accessible extreme sport which attracts a wide variety of participants and spectators. This is a sport that has managed to set exciting new trends in the watersports’ world: Boards & More has been at the forefront of this sport since 2001. Starting August 2018 Boards & More has been developing and distributing all kite products under the new name DUOTONE.

Under ION, Boards & More produces a wide range of pioneering accessories which are essential for the sports we are dedicated to. Such essentials include neoprene wetsuits, harnesses and all the little things that make the difference between a good day…and a perfect day.



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